Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Fast Long Month

So many days simply fly by....Have you ever noticed that?  With the best of intentions you set your course for the day, and possibly, the week, launch forward, only to be blown totally off course like the intrepid crew of the SS Minnow.  And boy, do I ever feel like Gilligan more days than not!

Since the last time I was here, I have had pneumonia.  Was humming along until one afternoon at 2:07 p.m. I suddenly felt as if the SS Minnow had landed on top of me and I was full of water.  To bed I went.  Several days were complete blurs as I slept and coughed through them.  I thought I had the infamous swine flu, but tested negative for that.  Almost a week after getting sick and on my second visit to the doctor, finally got a diagnosis of more than just a virus.  Not that I was "diagnosis seeking", mind you.  But, as adults we KNOW when we are really sick and when we just need a few mental health days.  These were no mental health days.

Well, almost a month later, I think I am finally feeling like my old self again, excepting I feel the need to go to sleep by 10 pm'ish.  THAT is definitely not me!  I am almost perversely making myself stay up tonight so I can feel normal.  hehe

The real kicker, in this story, is just as I am beginning to feel better, both my children are sick.  AND, I can win mother of the year - not!  My daughter has been sick and home from school all week.  My husband has been urging me to take her to the doctor, but Doctor Mom knows that if there is no fever, just a cough and fatigue, there will be no meds in her future.  And why should we go sit at the doctor's office and be exposed to even more germs?  Well, by Thursday, when she still didn't feel she could go to school, even though she had gamely tried the day before and promptly slept through her first two classes, I thought I'd better take her to a doctor before the school called the truant officer on me.  Oh, and did I mention that my son had been coughing for a while also but seemed fine?

So, we get the family room at the clinic while I tried to negotiate a group rate discount for bringing two new patients with me.  My daughter, it seems has some sinus issues and a dry, hacking cough.  Nothing too serious.  My son hops on the table, the doctor listens to his chest for four breaths and takes him by the hand straight to x-ray.  After a full exam, it seems my poor boy has a double ear infection, sinus infection and double pneumonia!  ...................  Have you ever been there?  Just feeling lower than the floor, not even realizing your child was quite ill.  He hadn't run a fever, just had some headaches during the time period when I was very sick.  He tends to the dramatic side when he feels the slightest twinge or scrape so I have learned in 9-1/2 years to moderate his medical complaints with heaps of salt.  I guess I'd better re-evaluate that tendency.

During all this fun, the house is still torn up, waiting for me to get better to coordinate between the contractors, the bid process and the insurance adjustor.  Oh, and the little item of finishing the pattern I am launching and launching a website.  BUT, I am happy to say, that the pattern is finished and ready to ship, the website is functional (barely but it is there!) and the house is still very much a work in progress. So, I leave you with a picture of the cover of the pattern............Anticipate seeing more projects from me, provided no other distractions arise.

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